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RFA 336 Brigade 1915

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Hi all


I have a large picture of the 336 Brigade RFA. I bought it many years ago from a junk shop in Dover. It was actually in a tea chest covered in rubbish and was ear marked to be thrown out by the shop owner. This was due to it being damaged by a water leak as you can see.


The picture identifies the officers as, Front Row centre:

Major Rogers Temp C/O,


Front Row L to R: Major Cardwell, and Major M Marshall. 


Second Row:  Capt. Cullen, Capt. White (Chaplin), Capt. Fry, Capt. Vincent RAMC, Capt. Maxwell RAMC, and Capt. Milne.


Third Row: 2nd Lt Forvague, Lt Warmer, Lt Llewllyn, 2nd Lt. Murrey, Lt. Shaw, Lt. Carden, 2ndLt. Farrow, 2ndLt. Davidson, 2nd Lt. Nicols, 2ndLt. Smith, 2ndLt Ingram, Lt Grieve and 2nd Lt Grieve 


At the top of the mount is the RFA emblem and title 336 Brigade, RFA. 1915, these are in ink drawn/wrote by hand as are the officers names and ranks. The number appears to have been amended from what was originally wrote. 


It is a lovely picture with minimal damage to the actual photo, only one officers face is damaged. I have attempted to capture the image for anyone interested. I am hoping to get the mount changed and find someone who can redraw the RFA emblem, so it can be restored to reflect what a great image it is. 


Anyone who knows anything about this Brigade please get in contact. 

RFA Pic 1.jpg

RFA Pic 2.jpg

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David Porter

Welcome to the Forum,


Great picture you have there, well worth saving. 336th Brigade RFA was named 2/2nd Home Counties Brigade, RFA until May 1916. It initially consisted of 3 Sussex batteries from the Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill areas. In the Summer of 1915 they were camped the Sevenoaks area of Kent and the following year moved to the Canterbury area. The brigade was part of 67th Divisional Artillery, and both 336th and 337th Brigade RFA were sent overseas in October 1917 to join 18th (Indian) Divisional Artillery in Mesopotamia.


There is a short History of the 18th Indian Division linked from here -  https://books.google.co.uk/books?isbn=1781498954

A list of officers of the Divisional Artillery starts on page 50.

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Thank you David, for the information. The picture has been in my loft for many years, until 3 weeks ago when I started to make an office at my home. 


It is a lovely picture, and I really appreciate the information you have provided. I will look through the history/ link you have kindly sent me. I do hope to hear from some people who may be related to any of the troops in the picture. I would be more than willing to allow it to be copied. 

Have a good day.

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Hi Blackcountryman  

My Grandfather Lt. Donald Menteith Holland was in 'A' Battery 336th Brigade RFA 

and was in Mesopotamia 1917-1918

There is a pocket diary of a Staff Sergent G H Cullen 

at the Imperial War Museum who was also in 'A' Battery 336th Brigade

Documents. 7040 

Private papers of G H Cullen 

If you get to see this diary, please share with us your discoveries. 

Thank you


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Attached is a photograph of 139230 Gunner George Edward Brown, C Battery, 336th Bde RFA, at Canterbury, Kent, c.1916-17.


I would very much like to see if this soldier is among the other ranks in your Brigade photo, if a clear copy could be made available.



Photo 1.jpg

Photo 2.jpg

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