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X Corps HAG, re-org Dec 1917

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No idea if this is new news or something old hat that everyone knows about but while trawling through my DDMS diaries I've spotted a few pages of Xth Corps Operation Order No. 146 16/12/1917. This gives details or the re-organisation of the HA Brigades of X Corps Dec 1917 and how units were broken up and re-allocated.


Those mentioned are;


228th Siege Battery

25th Siege Battery

120th Siege Battery

183rd Siege Battery

25th Siege Battery

120th Siege Battery

91st Siege Battery

93rd Siege Battery

22nd Battery

23rd Siege Battery

170th Siege Battery

305th Siege Battery

308th Siege Battery


And then transfers of;


60 Pounder batteries to XIX Corps & ANZANCS

3" Howitzer batteries to XIX Corps, IX Corps & ANZANCS

8" Howitzer batteries ANZANCS & other Corps

9.3" Howitzer batteries ANZANCS & other Corps


Then there's an appendix that gives, Group , Battery, Nature?, Establishment, Present Strength, Date to Training Area for:

31 HAG

35 HAG

60 HAG

66 HAG

76 HAG

57 HAG


Only two pages which I can extract from the diary and make images of.




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