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Alfred Winter-Evans.


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Here are 3 candid photos of Alfred Winter-Evans.


The first photo is of Alfred Winter-Evans and his wife, Louise, taken outside 5 Bridge St, Reefton, New Zealand.


The 2nd photo is Alfred, with who we think MAY be George McLaughlan Hogben from Reefton who died at Gallipoli on 8th August 1915.


The 3rd photo is Alfred outside the Bridge St, Reefton house.


I have a friend who's Grandfather, Frank Robinson, lived at this house, which was owned by Consolidated Goldfields & used as a staff house. Frank, also known as Gaffer, was an engineer who worked for them.


Frank, Alfred & Louise were all good friends.


There are a couple more photos, but we're not 100% sure they're of Alfred. Would you like me to post them & you can have a look to see if you think it is him?


I have some more photos of his wife, Louise, if you'd like to see them also.



Fullscreen capture 352017 125315 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 352017 11117 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 352017 11320 PM.bmp.jpg

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Enquiry regarding Lt Col Alfred Winter-Evans DSO first posted by Hambo in 2006.

Really interesting to see these photographs.


He is also remembered on the Columbia University Roll of Honour (where he organised their first soccer team).






Included in Paul Chapman's book.



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He is recorded on the war memorial at Limpsfield in Surrey, and my post (11 years ago!) was to attempt to work out how his name found its way onto the memorial of a small Surrey village. The members of the forum found that Louise came from the village so her family no doubt requested that his name be added. Great photos and many thanks for sharing them, I had not seen one of her before and if you'd be kind enough t share the others you have of her I know the village historical folks would be very interested in seeing them.

Many thanks again John


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G'day MWB,

                      It' always good to see the photo's and I'm sure everybody will enjoy the challenge, of trying to see if it's him.

    I think I was through your little village in 2007 on our tour of NZ. Best holiday ever, 5 months of adventure.


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1st photo - Alfred on the right? No idea who the chap is on the left.


2nd photo - All it says on the reverse is "The Cavalry". 


3rd photo - Louise on a horse.


4th photo - Louise outside 5 Bridge St, Reefton.


5th photo - Is this Louise on a swing with a baby? And look at the expression on the babies face!!


6th photo - Is this Alfred when he was involved in the Boer War? The photo mentions him but doesn't actually say it's him.


7th photo - Reefton's cenotaph in the early 1920's. Alfred's name is, of course, on it.


8th photo - Letter from Consolidated Goldfields about Alfred's death.




Fullscreen capture 392017 11729 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 12748 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 13608 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 13735 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 15421 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 20914 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 22212 PM.bmp.jpg

Fullscreen capture 392017 22551 PM.bmp.jpg

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I came across this site and noticed you had put up photos of Winter Evans taken at my Grandfather's home.   These photos are ones I have, as my Grandfather was Frank Robinson.   Would love to make contact with you if at all possible.

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Sorry MWB, I must have been in touch with you at some stage.   Hadn't read on to see that it was me that sent photos to you.   Are you sure that the photo of someone going to Boer War was Winter Evans?   Thought he would have been too young.

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