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Can some kind Pal help me with the following, please?


Some of the first and second line TF CCSs bore the same numbers as the divisions which they were nominally formed to support, such as 50th (1/1 Northumbrian) and 51st (1/1 Highland). Others were given entirely different numbers, such as 7th (1/1 west Riding) and 34th (1/1 West Lancs). I have been able to find, in the OH Medical Services and the list of locations of hospitals and CCSs produced by the Red Cross, the numbers allocated to 17 of the 28, but I seek help with the following. In particular, did any of them serve outside the UK?


1/1 and 2/1 Welsh

1/1 and 2/1 East Anglian

1/1 and 2/1 Lowland

2/1 Wessex

2/1 Home Counties

2/1 Highland

2/1 London

2/1 East Lancs


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Ron


A couple of the above served outside of the UK,  they were:-



No 53 Welsh CCS became No 53 (1/1st Welsh) Field Ambulance - served in Gallipoli then went to Palestine.  In 1916 it became 65th CCS, then eventually formed part of the 34th Combined Clearing Hospital in Palestine.



No 54 (1/1st East Anglian) CCS embarked for Gallipoli on the Royal Edward.  The personnel who were not killed (drowned) eventually re-grouped and the unit reformed as 66th CCS.  The 1/2nd (London) took their place in the numbering system to became 54 (1/2nd London) CCS.





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Thanks Barbara. I suspected that would be the answer for 1/1 Welsh and 1/1 East Anglian, because of their divisions' service at Gallipoli.



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