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Portsmouth naval memorial


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I was in Portsmouth last weekend to have a look at the Naval memorial there. When I got there I discovered this graffiti on the Second World War section. I'm sure this sort of thing happens quite frequently but it always makes me feel sad. I spoke to a man who passed by walking his dog and he said its not the first time it has happened there. Otherwise the memorial was well looked after, but it's just so sad that someone felt the need to do this.


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That is typical of today, no respect for anyone or property.


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Remarkably clear of vandalism given the exposed location it enjoys, though.

It isn't done maliciously, so I doubt the people concerned viewed it any differently to any other wall or monument they sprayed en route... and of course there was the risk that they would run into some rinsed sailors deciding to take a walk (or similar) on the seafront after leaving Joanna's near the Guildhall. :ph34r:

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