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arras monchy le preux


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hi im trying to find any details regarding the 20t hussars at monchy during april 1917,as my great uncle was a 20th hussar and died of his wounds at monchy on 24 april 1917,was he part of a cavelry charge? many thanks

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Annoyingly, my copy of the history of the regiment in the Great War has gone into hiding, but it is available as a reprint HERE


5th Cavalry Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division.

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Hi hepsibar,


Welcome to the forum.


I guess that your great uncle was Lance Corporal James Louis Barker who died at 20 General Hospital (as per his Soldiers' Effects record). Looking at the war diary (here on Ancestry, or here from the National Archives), I suspect that he is referred to (albeit not by name) in the "remarks" column against the entry for 11th April, a transcript of which is:







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