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Hi there!


We try to rebuild the history of our college (Sint-Stanislascollege) of Poperinge during the Great War. Perhaps some information about the college buildings, the teachers, the pupils or the college life could be found in diaries kept by soldiers who came along?

The chapel of the college was first used as an "Hôpital d'évacuation" by the French, supporte by the Friends Ambulance Unit for transport. Afterwards, from April 1915, the British took over. Several officers had their rooms in the college, Laurence Cadbury included.

When the situation became too dangerous for the children in the center of Poperinge, temporary huts were put up a bit further to the west to assure the continuation of their lessons. In May 1917 those huts were even taken a bit further away to the west and dressed up nearby a local pub called "In de Nieuwen Keizel" on the location "Wulfhulle". That pub and our huts can be located very nearby "Makay Camp" of the British Army.

For the moment, we are trying to find some more information about that school installation nearby Makay Camp. Can anyone help us on this? Even some information on that Makay Camp could be useful for us.


Kind regards,

Renaat Devos.

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Dear Renaat

I can't help you with Makay Camp, but I do have some information on the College.

In the early part of 1917, my grandfather would have been stationed at the College as it was used by various Field Ambulances (the medical teams attached to army divisions) as a Main Dressing Station. They stopped using it and moved to the Cloisters when shelling increased and it was not safe to stay there. I have seen written accounts of what the college was like for those working there. Would you like me to copy them for you and your college?

Can you tell me where in Poperinge the college was - is it still standing? Also, do you know where the Cloisters was that they moved to?

Good luck with your project!




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