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Epsom hospitals for tropical diseases?


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I'm researching a soldier who came back to the UK from India via hospital ship in May 1916 suffering from maleria.

He appears to have been sent to Epsom although he lived in Winchester.

Is there any particular connection with Epsom hospitals specialising in cases of maleria or similar types of sickness?


Can anyone tell me the names of hospitals in Epsom treating sick and wounded soldiers.





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By another of those coincidences that I've remarked on recently, only a few days ago did I update


this old thread


about the Horton County of London Hospital, which from one of the links in TEW's post would appear to be the one that handled malarial cases. (I'm not sure if it's the done thing to point out that the other day I listed the card featured in post 5 of the old thread on a certain auction website - not that I expect it to fetch very much and probably less than I paid for it some years ago.)


Where a soldier lived had little or no bearing as to which hospital he was posted. I very vaguely recall that there was some sort of clearing system and a patient was sent to where there was a bed. Equally very vaguely, I recall reading in some memoirs (Sassoon? Graves?) of one official who apparently delighted in sending patients to hospitals or perhaps convalescent homes inconveniently distant from where their families lived.




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Thanks again guys,


That explains the move to Epsom and most likely would have been Manor Road.





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