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Wounded : Conflict, casualties and care

phil andrade

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It fell upon me to take grandchildren to the Science Museum today.


My heart  sank at the prospect of negotiating the Tube and enduring that excessive fatigue that children and museums combine to make.


Let me confess that my fears were dispelled : the Science Museum lacks that oppressive atmosphere that can make such visits an ordeal if you're trying to cope with little human beings.


Above all, the exhibition dealing with the care of wounded soldiers in the Great War transcended.


The anorak in me was waiting to pounce on all the mistakes.  That anorak was disappointed.  It's a superb display, with some very compelling and evocative exhibits.


My grandchildren were clearly interested and asked me lots of questions, which I was proud to answer ; especially when I told them that both my grandfathers had served on the Western Front .


Well worth the visit...and some of the other stuff passes muster, too.



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