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Evening All,

I have earlier this year purchased a Somme 1916 Poppy Lapel Pin from The Royal British Legion. My allocated soldier that died on the first day of the Somme is - James Moore 11th Bn Sherwood Foresters (Nott's and Derby Regiment) # 15494, died 1st July 1916 and is remembered with Honour on the Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 10 C 10 D and 11 A. James was the son of Now, I was hoping that I could find an image of James, but unfortunately after many months of searching, I have been fruitless. So, I am asking the members if you can help in anyway and point me towards who might be in a position to help?

Fingers crossed.

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Born and enlisted Nottingham, so it might be that a Nottingham, news archive may have a pic. Can't find his home address or age with any certainty though.

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Hi Sotomate,


Yes I know, frustrating isn't it?. I cant find anything on this chap, no address, next of kin, where he originates from, but fingers crossed someone might help


Thanks for the input sotonmate

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Does this Register of Soldiers effects record a widow - or am I misreading it?


Mrs Constance (Robinson) ???





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Found a Constance Moore who married a Frank Robinson in Notttingham in marriage index second quarter of 1919. I think her actual maiden name might be Hewitt. I think a Constance Hewitt married a James Moore in Nottingham in 1911.

Also a possible lead for his parents. A James Moore born Nottingham in 1881 to possibly Edward and Elizabeth. Their children seems to be born over considerable period. So his mother appears to have been 46 when she had this particular James Moore. Trace this James through to the 1901 census. No linkage yet but looks promising. No luck with pic.

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Mike, yes it does record a widow - Constance Hewitt, thank you for the info

Mark, He married Constance Hewitt in 1911, Nottingham 3rd Quarter so not showing on the 1911 census

As for a picture, I think that the only way is for me to contact exsisting family and hope they can help?





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