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1st Battalion, Royal Warwicks photo needed


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Hello all,


I am looking for a (group) photograph of the officers of 1st Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, as they appeared during 1915. No luck with web searches; does any one know of a source?

Thanks in advance,




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The Royal Warwicks Museum might have some material from that period.

There is a website which has individual pics of the various soldiers in the RWR of WW1. There is a section for 1 Battalion. Do I remember that the Ypres Times man (Bairnsfather) was one of them ?

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Hello Sotonmate,


I suppose you mean this: http://www.ww1photos.com/RoyalWarwickshireRegt.html

Unfortunately, they don't have what I was looking for. I didn't know about the regimental museum, and if all else fails will drop them a line (problem is I am based in Germany). A bit disappointing for what seems to me a rather famous unit - yes, Bairnsfather was one of them, and also Montgomery (of Alamein). They even have their own re-enactment group. 

Season greetings,



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