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Attitudes to POWs by comrades

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Hi all,


I acquired these over the weekend for a hideous price, but the chap (7805 Joseph Redmond RIF) was born in the area in which I live so I had no choice but to go for it. The seller included the miniatures which is good as these are usually sold separately to maximize profit. I like the erroneous inclusion of the rose with the clasp and the fact the ribbons are original.


The research I've done so far yields the fact that he was captured around the 26th of August 1914, sent to Dobenitz and various other camps per the IRC records. He was repatriated on the 9th of December 1918.


He was evidently proud to wear them as he went to the trouble of purchasing the miniatures.


So my question is how his experience would have been viewed by his comrades in arms who knew he was a prisoner? After all he could have been viewed as not really having played a part in the action. His comrades would have served in the Somme and Ypres while he was imprisoned. 


Pte Redmond was of course entitled to the awards. I'm just curious as to whether POWs who were imprisoned for the duration of the war might have been viewed as somehow "lesser soldiers" by their comrades, and are there any firsthand accounts of such points of view.








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