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Old goggles or mask?


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I came across these goggles whilst clearing some items. I can find no reference to them, so was wondering if aybody had an idea, or how old they were?!!

They have the arrow surrounded by the circle, above the lens, so this suggests army? Dispatch rider?

Anyway many thanks for your help...


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The mark looks like a "C" broad arrow which may be Canadian Issue. The Goggles look like a WW2 set a friend of mine has maybe from that period? not sure of their use.



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Hello Ypresman:

Hard to tell from the photo, but these look like one of several flavors of Resistal goggles issued during WWII. The US Navy and Marine Corps aviators wore them to a small extent at the beginning of US involvement, but they are most well-known as tank crew goggles. The USA sent lend-lease M4 Shermans to Commonwealth armed forces as well as some of the appropriate kit including helmets, goggles, Thompson SMGs, 'Grease Guns', etc. A pile of Tanker helmets were discovered a few years ago in India, and more recently a pile of Thompson magazine pouches and pistol belts turned up in a former member of the CCCP that were shipped with M4 Shermans during WWII.

These were probably worn by a Canadian tank crewman, but Resistal was a commercial company and offered a number of different but similarly styled goggles. They could easily have been purchased by Canada and issued out to motor dispatch riders, etc.

Here are several different Resistal goggles we recently had on catalogs:




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