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Private 31358 Maurice Pond


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Based upon his army service number can anyone adise when this man may have attested?

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I don't think so.


You can tell roughly when he was issued his Devonshire number:


31310 Julian - transferred in on 18th October 1917

31322 Hampson - arrived in the field 19th October 1917, posted from IBD 


31362 Leonard - transferred in on 18th October 1917.


As his Soldiers Effects record shows that death was presumed on, or since, 26th October 1917, he must have joined up and trained with another unit - possibly with the Wiltshire Regiment as number 203706. That appears on his medal roll, but for some reason has been crossed through. One reason might be that he didn't serve in theatre with the regiment, and therefore it wasn't relevant to his medal entitlement. Some number sampling around the 203706 Wiltshire number may help to answer the question of his original attestation date. For example 203613; 203644, and 203650 transferred in on 27th August 1917, but from home service units where they held different numbers. The same could be true for Maurice.


Unfortunately, the size of his war gratuity payment doesn't help as it is just indicative of 12 or less months eligible service.




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Many thanks for taking the time to look into my query Chris. Unfortunately his service record papers were burnt in the WW2 Blitz so from what you've told mne I think it's something that I may never find. Thanks again.

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