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Could anyone identify the nationality of the Naval types in the attached photo?   They look to me Royal Navy but ...   If it helps the photo is dated 1922.



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Negative.  Haven't come across this site - looks like someone else is interested in these curious craft apart from me!  The only reason I was querying the nationality of the sailors is the fact that these Lambert/Tissandier vessels were actually used by our (British) forces on the Tigris c1917-18 - and they were all named; they were also used by the French, and to a lesser degree the Americans.  If the date is correct though this would probably rule out British use because as far as I know these machines were not used after the end of hostilities.  These chaps just have the 'look' of Brits to me.  The photo was probably taken at the Lambert works on the Seine.


Should really have combined my two posts into one!

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