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Percy Leslie Scholes


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I was recounting the other day how as a boy I used to visit an elderly couple across the road and help with their cleaning etc. I remember the gentleman telling me stories about The Somme and his wounded leg, always stuck with me.


Anyway, thought I'd find out who he served with and realised he was born 6th August 1901, which surely must count him out of Jul-Nov 1916 actions, at the least.


All of which leads me to ask, is it fairly unlikely someone born August 1901 would see active service at all?

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We-ell, I suppose he might have falsified his age.


But I can't find a Percy Leslie Scholes on TNA's Discovery catalogue (searching name filtered by date).


There are 10 if you search for Scholes, Percy under WO (War Office) http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_p=1900&_q=Scholes%2C+Percy+WO but I wouldn't like to say whether any of them is your man (probably not the Percy A, however).


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