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Captain G C Faber Trench Maps

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I have several WW 1 Original Trench Maps with initials in pencil on front of a Captain G C Faber.  I bought them in Petersfield in late 1970s as a boy.  

Having compared the writing with signature of Geoffrey Cust Faber (online) I think it is the Faber who started Faber and Faber.


Petersfield is not far from Midhurst where Faber lived.


So I think they belonged to him (he was I have found in the Post Office Rifles at some point) and I've have done some internet research too...and found he was a minor War Poet, so very happy to have them.  Two of the maps have positions and arrows on them that I think relate to artillery positions and lines of sight.


 I want to keep them, though happy to let people see for research.  I am posting this info in case someone  may find them of interest for research.


I'd be interested in linking maps to movements of units G. C Faber was attached to




Martin Silcock - mjsilcock@gmail.com

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Nice find Martin and good on you for preserving it for 35 years.


An entire trench map is a huge scan, so perhaps you could photograph the parts with positions and arrows and people would be happy to comment.


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