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Unrest among US troops in 1919?


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Various GWF threads describe unrest in Britain among troops of several nationalities awaiting demobilisation and repatriation in 1919. (I've just met with a New Zealand member of the Forum whose well-researched information made me realise that dissatisfaction among NZ soldiers at Sling Camp on Salisbury was worse - and demonstrated more forcefully - than I'd thought.)


Some of the most serious rioting was among Canadians at Kinmel Camp, British soldiers at Lark Hill were court-martialled for mutiny, and a significant number of Australians pleased themselves what they did before ships were available to take them home. And there was unrest among the civilian population in Britain, with strikes causing disruption.


Specifically, what was the situation regarding United States troops in Britain in 1919? Was shipping home better organised? Were there acts of indiscipline? Perhaps those stationed in Europe sailed home direct from Continental ports whereas, I think, most Empire troops returned initially to Britain?



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