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This is just me being pedantic...

A couple of years ago I was following a two threads on here (138311 & 142687) which dealt with two men named McNulty.

Peter McNulty was a trimmer on the Lusitania and went down with her when she was torpedoed. He originally joined the army in 1899, fought in South Africa but was medically discharged in 1901.

John McNulty joined the RND in December 1914, fought in Gallipoli and died of dysentery on Lemnos in November 1915. From his service record, he seems to have had a pretty rough time of it being treated for a gsw and being hit by shrapnel before getting the dysentery that killed him.

I left it at the time because there was a bit of doubt and confusion (to me anyway) over whether they were brothers (and at the time I thought they were), but after recently doing a moderate bit of ferreting through the Irish records I think it's safe to say they weren't.

My reasoning is...

On Peter's Army attestation form, he names several of his siblings, these correspond with the children of Bernard & Sarah McNulty in Edenappa, Jonesborough, in the 1901 Ireland census. Also in that census, Bernard and Sarah have a 13-year-old son named John. I've come across parents who named a couple of their children John & Jonathon, but to have two sons named John would probably have been a tad confusing.

John McNulty's NOK address is Sheetrim near Creggan, which is about 8 miles west of Jonesborough, so I think it's reasonable to presume that although both fathers are named Bernard, they are two separate families. Peter being the son of Bernard and Sarah, and, plausibly, John being the son of Bernard and Catherine.

My interest in all this is through Peter McNulty's wife, Ethel. One of her children, Evan, married one of my mother's sisters.  PM me if you would like details of Peter's or John's service docs or the wider McNulty family.

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Hi Russel 

I’m new on here, came across your posts via google whilst doing my familes ancestry. 

Eithel White, my great grandma married Peter Mcnulty then married my great grandfather (Yanto) Evan Thomas Jenkins. 

They had two children my grandmother Gladys Jenkins and Herbert Jenkins. 

Gladys was my paternal grandmother. 

I’m confused who Evan is? Can u please clarify? 

Many thanks 


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