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War memorial mistake

Guest Derek Johnstone

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Guest Derek Johnstone

Hi all,


i'm speaking on behalf of a friend who only found out on Sunday that he had 2 uncles that should've be on a war memorial that he went to visit it for the 1st time. He has noticed that only one of the names is there twice. He knows the family history and it seems that instead of putting both they've only put 1 of the names x 2. Can anyone guide him in the correct way to have one of the names removed and the other added ? Also, what documents, proof etc will he need to confirm this. He was a bit upset to only see one uncle and not the other. 


Kind Regards



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He would need to approach whichever body owns the memorial, or is responsible for maintenance.


Of course, they may not want to do anything about changing a memorial that's been there for nearly 100 years. Many will not.


With regard to the missing name, how can he be sure that there was ever an intent for him to be included? And, with regard to what appears to be a duplicate listing, is he sure that there were not two men of the same name - and if one of the names was removed, would he not be "unremembered".


I would presume that, if the "owner" is willing to add a name, he would need to provide the evidence that the man fitted the criteria originally established for that particular memorial. Until he knows that, it's difficult to advise as to likely evidence. But, assuming the criteria was a fairly vague connection to the area then the man's listing by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission may inlcude some family details. Similarly, there may confirmation of a link to the area in his service papers (if they survived a fire in the 1940s). 1911 Census information would probably be useful, as would any obituary in the local newspapers.

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I'm with John on this - how can it be right to change the Memorial which is nearly 100 years old?

The family/ies must have put the Name(s) forward for inclusion and they would have known immediately if things were incorrect.

As for "removing one Name, what is he thinking? At the most surely all that is "wrong" may be the initial?


Our village Memorial should have 2 Hubert Winchesters (cousins) but only one appears.

What I have done is produce a Roll of Honour to go alongside the Memorial showing as full details as possible for those on the Memorial, and many others that weren't included....

I have no idea why some were not put forward, others where family either moved away or moved in after WW1 (or WW2) some might have been of a different religious persuasion or simply didn't accept their son/father might never return.


The dogs have lain asleep for so long it seems unnecessary to get worked up, especially as it is the first time he has been (or anyone noticed).

Why not simply write to the Church pointing out that the 2 identical should actually be Joe and Jim or whatever.

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