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3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade

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Sirs, I've been unable to locate information and images on Australian patches and badges on the net, but very little info on New Zealand units. I am looking for any division, Brigade, or Battalion patches or badges worn by the 2nd and 4th battalions of the 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade. The period I'm looking at is the liberation of Le Quesnoy on November 4, 1918. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.~Gary

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NZRB Battalion patches were as follows (worn on both sleeves)

1st - black square

2nd - black diamond

3rd - eqilateral triangle

4th - inverted equilateral triangle

served together to form 3rd Briagade NZ Div and Brigade HQs troops wore an 8 pointed black star.

For Australian patches see the colour plates in Vol III of the Australian Official History. I think that is available online on the Australian War Memorial website.

There are plenty of photos of Aussie flashes on that site - go to the collections database and search in Military Heraldry using "colour patch".

good luck


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Apologies for duff info - I have just checked the AWM site and The Official History is online but the plates are in black & white which is b all use to anyone !!!

Info re photos holds good.


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