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Help Identifying Uniform Insignia


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My sister aquired a jacket and pair of trousers many years ago inside of an old suitcase.  She had mentioned it but I never paid it much attention because I was doubtful of it's authenticity.  So today curiousity got the best of me and I drug it out to try and find out more about it and who it belonged to.  Try as I may, I haven't had any luck identifying this shoulder insignia.  I've only seen one other patch the same shape online and it was said to be 31st Division "Dixie Division", but most of their insignia look nothing like it other than the DD.  Any help positively ID'ing this would be greatfully appreciated.  Also, finding rosters seems to be nearly impossible.  The back left pocket of the trousers has a patch with the soldiers name in it.  Is there any way to cross reference this?

2016-11-12 22.04.39.jpg

2016-11-12 22.20.12.jpg

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Definately U.S. Army 31st Div 1st. Pattern. The size of the inverted triangle varied from 3 1/4" to 4 3/4". There was a variation of the 1st. pattern where the triangle was on a khaki rectangle. The disc with the two Ds was the 2nd pattern.


Hope this help.




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