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Planned Visit to Arras/Oppy 3 May 17


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I am hoping to take my 89 year old father to the Arras/Oppy area on or around 3 May 2017 to commemorate 100 years since his Uncle was killed on 3 May 1917. I am planning a 2 or 3 day trip (driving) and want to pack in as much as possible bearing in mind his age (although he is pretty fit for his age).

His uncle, Burrus Hales was in the 1st Royal Berkshires  and from what I understand the attack in which he was killed started somewhere along the road just to the north west of Oppy (according to the regimental diary)


I have a couple of questions which I would be grateful for any help or advice on please.


1. Does anyone have any maps or details of the precise location where the Royal Berkshires were on 3 May 17 so that I can take my father as close as possible to where his uncle died?


2. Does anyone know where the 1st Royal Berkshires were billetted prior to the battle?

3. Does anyone have any advice on other places to visit whilst in the area please? .. My thoughts are to stay in Arras but also to visit Vimy Ridge and the Fauborg cemetery where Burrus is commemorated (Although he has no grave).... I was thinking about visiting the tunnels in Arras but does anyone know if they are suitable for elderly visitors?


4. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to stay in Arras bearing in mind that we'll need to get to restaurants etc without my father having to walk too far.


5. As mentioned above, Burrus had no known grave but does anyone know where soliders from that battle were likely to be buried... Looking at the maps I'm guessing that the Orchard Dump Cemetery might be a likely place?


Many thanks in advance


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