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The attached Service Record shows that Edmund Burfield had a rather chequered career, spending a fair bit of time in Cells.

The entry for 21 Apr 1917, whilst serving aboard HMS Juno, shows that he 'Run', which I assume means that he left the ship, never to return ??

My query is, as the ship was in harbour in Bombay, would it be likely that he went AWOL in India ? Where would he have gone etc. ?

There is another entry beneath this one for 22 Apr, but I am unable to read it.

Presumably, if he returned to Service, the details would be on his Record.


Any assistant to resolve this query would be gratefully received,




Mike Wright

NSR_Edmund WR Burfield_a.jpg

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It is quite clear that he deserted [RUN] in Bombay and was never recovered from desertion. The RN medal roll shows that he forfeited his three WW1 medals by reason of desertion. He may well have found himself a billet in a merchant ship out of Bombay.

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