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109699 Driver George William Wilton RFA

Stan Franklin

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The  family have asked me to assist in finding details of their Great Grandfather. He served with the RFA in Salonika where he caught Malaria and suffered deafness which resulted in him receiving a 40% disability pension on discharge on the 6th March 1919. He had enlisted on the 6th of October, 1915.  No other details of his enlistment or service are known and a search on Find Your Past failed to locate him. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately no response so far.  I am very surprised that there seems to be absolutely no sign of him amongst Army Records.  His full name and Regt. No. appear many times on different documents referring to his Army Disability pension but nothing on his Service Record.  Mystified.

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All I can tell you is that his first posting for training was to No. 3 Depot. RFA, Hilsea.

Serving in Salonika does narrow down the possible units - but that is not much help really.

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It is always worth checking the records of soldiers with close numbers - say 50 men each side of 109699. For example Gunner William King 109702 enlisted on 4 October 1915 and attested into the RFA at Hilsea on 7 October 1915. He was posted to 185 Brigade on 16/3/16 and  to 40 Div Ammunition column on 26/5/16.


By putting together details of the gunners who enlisted with him it may help create a possible career path to Salonika.... or, of course it may not, but such is a lot of those who have to research without service records!



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