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Need help deciphering WW1 beeping

Guest Raxor30

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There is something special in a new video game called Battlefield 1, it's an easter egg, or unlock. If it can be cracked, it will help a community of 600,000 people. Now I have been trying with a small team to crack the easter egg. The easter egg is laid down in morse code transmissions (or so it is thought). So the following is a video someone has posted, and I'm posting it here so you can see the machine being used: 



so now that you have seen that, one of the morse code (or some other code) transmission from Suez:


The thing is it's not making any sense. We keep getting complicated things like this:  -.-----  , which make no sense in any morse code document i've researched. I've tried telegraph code, american morse code, continental morse code, international morse code. Nothing is making any sense. Please help.

Also if any of you are interested per say in WWI, there is a new video game you should check out called Battlefield 1. Here is a trailer of it if your interested in watching it:

Please reply here if you have any sort of idea what this transmission code is, or any other forum I could goto that would have better answers. I appreciate your time.


John Moore



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I have no idea if this will help, but it may be more appropriate to post on a gaming forum rather that a Great War Forum. A very quick Google brings up quite a few places. 



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