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Remembered Today:

Forage cap on Cpl Unkown Regiment


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Picked up this photo forage cap on a Cpl.



On the the back it reads.


John Harrison

One of the Best

Motorcycle accident in Westhoughton on way to work

at Metro Vicks Manchester.





Any ideas on the man or Regiment?


Thanks in advance




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Looks like early second World war, late 30's to me.

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11 minutes ago, Wardog said:

Or Perhaps an ATC cadet?


Yes, I can't see a crown at the top. ATC may be the answer.





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I didn't twig the buttons were missing a crown- Does look like ATC buttons so 1941 onwards-I don't know when battledress came in for Cadets but expect after it replaced SD after 1945. Regards, Paul.

PS  Sounds like this young man was involved in aircraft production which would make sense For an air minded young man.

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