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Séminaire St Vaast, Bethune; Location of


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I recently found August, September & October 1915 war diary for 33 CCS hidden in the diary for 23 CCS. Discovery's listing for 33 CCS starts 1st November 1915.


The three months of 33CCS are in this diary.


Simply put, 2nd Oct 1915 33 CCS took over charge of the south wing of the building from the 6th Field Ambulance . 6th FA diary concurs with this fact but give their location as Same Billets. Working backwards the 6th FA took over the 'Séminaire St Vaast' on 1st Aug 1915.


Using a smattering of schoolboy French and google I've come up with Séminaire meaning workshop. Google 'Séminaire St Vaast, Bethune' and you come up with hotels/cafes almost opposite St Vaast Church, Bethune and using streetview there's an old building marked AUTOMOBILES - GARAGE- ST VAAST - REPARATIONS.


Anyone care to agree or disprove my notion that the Séminaire St Vaast, Bethune is this building, could Séminaire mean something else, perhaps relating to the Collège St Vaast.


I also wonder if the 6th FA Billets (Séminaire) is not necessarily the same building they were using as a dressing station. I mention this because the DMS 1st Army says that 6 FA were occupying the Collège St Vaast and Ecole de Jeaune Filles. The DMS from 29/9/1915 also refers to the Collège as being a Casualty Clearing Station and Ecole de Jeaune Filles was to be used for Casualty Clearing purposes.


Oddly, the admin arrangements were that 33CCS was attached to 6th FA and came under the command of 6th FA.




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