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Trying to find out how my great uncle died who was in 18th ammunition section of army ordnance corps

Ceri George

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My great uncle Private Idwal Lloyd (02848) was part of the Army Ordnance Corps (18th Ammunition section) and died on 13th August 1918. He is buried in Ligny St Flochel which was the site of a Casualty Clearing station although I have found no evidence he was brought to this station for treatment. I found an entry in the local newspaper (Aberdare Times) announcing his death. This stated that his parents had received a letter from a Reverend Robert Kelso informing them that the camp he was stationed at was bombed and that he was caught by a splinter that caused injuries so serious that he died a few minutes later. It does not state where the camp was. Reverend Robert Kelso was attached to the Royal Irish Rifles although I have not been able to find any detail of which battalion he was attached to to try and narrow down my search. I am presuming that my great uncle was caught up in the fighting around Amiens in August 1918 but I would like to try and find out more about where he was exactly and what happened that led to him being killed. My family never really discussed him as my grandmother found it too distressing. However, I have inherited a photo of him and would love to be able to piece together his story to pass on to my children and ensure he is never forgotten. Any information that anyone has or even pointing me in the right direction to find out more about what happened and fill in the gaps would be most appreciated. Thankyou.


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My great uncle Private Idwal Lloyd (02848)

The effects records show him as #028248


His war gratuity was £5 10s (net) which was £7 10s (gross) - this indicates he had 17 months qualifying service at the time of his death.



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Maybe a RAOC expert will be along to help with his location at the time. In the meanwhile There is an old thread on forum regarding Rev. Robert Kelso, it hints at him being with 13/RIR in 1916 and 11/RIR in 1917.


There is a diary 'Deployment of units' for RAOC which would give his location (I guess) in Aug 1918 but unfortunately the diary is not available online or as a download, someone would have to visit National Archives to see it.


There were two Casualty Clearing Stations at Ligny St Flochel in Aug 1918; No. 7 CCs and No. 33 CCS. These will have a diary but as the letter suggests he died within minutes it seems a long shot to expect him to be mentioned but always possible.


I see from CWGC records three other RAOC of 18 Ammo Sect were also buried the same day, same cemetery. There are also two RE Railway men buried the same day, same cemetery. A deep search for any of these mens' records may help to give a location. The date given in the original form is 14/8/1918.


I'd be tempted to start looking at the diary for the 11/RIR from May 1917, Kelso may have stayed with them until Aug 1918 or moved on but I'd say the diary should mention his movements. It seems the 11/RIR amalgamated with the 13/RIR in Oct 1917 but the latter diary doesn't imply any bombing around 13/8/1918.


The term 'bombed' would usually mean bombed by an aeroplane, enemy aircraft were bombing camps and hospitals so a camp being bombed is quite plausible.


Depends if you have access to Ancestry? Available free in UK libraries.





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Thank you so much for your responses and suggestions to help me find out more. I am not on Ancestry but will go to local library to do some research on the men who died the same day and also Rev Kelso. The more I dig the more I feel determined to unlock his story and write it down for my children and their children. 


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