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Alexander(Robertson)Smith Gateshead.


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Hi folk's,another family member has turned up during research again apologies as it's another Smith.I saw Alexander's name in a cutting as having served in 

the forces I have him in  1911 census living in Gateshead as a jewellry shop manager,I'm not on ancestry etc so not sure if any record's exist his father

was John Ford Smith my Gt Grandfathers brother any information would be appreciated.

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Hi Craig,sorry my computer is kaput and I still have not retrieved the family history stuff,I,m sure it was Bensham the whole family lived in Rawling

Road and Grandad's other brother's were in Westminster street,Alexander's father was in Dunsmuir Grove,I,ve never been able to find anything

about my Grandad Robert Vincent Smith family folklore has it he was in the Royal Artillery and was prone to going "on the trot" when on home leave

his brother George is in the absent voter's list for Rawling Road as being in Salonika as an ASC driver,the other brother was James Frazier Smith

who would also be of military age,they all were Railwaymen at Gateshead.

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There is a Robert Smith living 183 Rawling Rd 1911 a boarder,  locomotive fireman. 1901 census as Robert WINCENT Smith altered in 2010 by a Bryan Hoggarth to VINCENT , parents William and Kate , James Frazier listed as Jas Frazer . Ralph.

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Thank's Ralph,that's my Grandad and Sophie is my Grandmother,the other two are sophie's grandmother and her second husband,I often wonder

what Grandad's thoughts were twenty years later when he saw his two sons off to fight another war,Dad survived after three years in Italy sadly my

Uncle Robert was killed with the 9th DLI just before Dunkirk,my Grandad died in 1964,James frazier in 1948 and George(who was in Salonika} in

1972.there were two other brothers John Henry(also of military service age) and Stanley who I know nothing about.Sophie's uncle James kirton

was killed with the 2nd Welch Rgt in 1917.

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