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50 Home Defence Squadron RFC


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Hi all,

Has anyone done any work on the successes of 50 HD Sq against the German heavy bombers in their night raids. I am particularly interested in the period 13 October 1917 to 16 August 1918, under command of Major Brandon. I see that in Sutherland and Canwell, Battle of Britain 1917: The First Heavy Bomber Raids on England, that they have 50 HD Sq being scrabbled on ten occasions over this period. Looking through Cole and Cheesman I don't see any confirmed successes against the bombers for this unit's airman during this period, although I note a Gotha was claimed (shared) by a 50 HD Sq defensive battery on 5/6 December 1917 (p. 357).

Any confirmation on this greatly appreciated and any insights on the squadron over this period would be useful.

Many thanks,


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