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A.A. Milne Tank Poem Found


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Not directly related to the tank poem, but news of a film in production that covers Milne's relationship with his son which includes GW trench scenes have recently been filmed on Chobham Common here in Surrey. The story, some pictures of the filming, and a link giving further details from a local news website: Hollywood comes to Chobham Common. Not the first time (& probably not the last) Chobham Common has been used for filming: some of the opening scenes leading up to Lawrence's fatal motorbike accident  in Lawrence of Arabia were filmed on a road passing over  it (some years before the M3 motorway did the same) & the video for Paul McCartney's 1983 Pipes of Peace, which also included trench scenes, both used the location.  A rather tenuous link with Milne's tank poem is that post GW  a large area of  the common was used for tank & other military vehicle testing by the  FVR&DE Chobham  (Fighting Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, one of several names used over the years & home of 'Chobham Armour') which, together with a specially built track, was also built on common land.



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