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RFA unit disembarkation in France 19 July 1915


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It's a long shot, but I wonder if anyone could identify the artillery unit(s) which disembarked in France on 19 July 1915.

I am trying to track the relative of a friend who arrived on that date - and I appreciate he may have been an individual reinforcement. However at that time I suspect it was more likely to have been a unit arrival.

The relevant individual is James John Wrench 

His two army numbers were 69156 (shown on his MIC and Medal Rolls as such) and also 1007809

He originally enlisted under the name of Wren but all his documentation was apparently changed to his proper name later. Interestingly its' early number that is subsequently used and why he ended up with another number also (there seems no records under this number for him) is a bit strange.

Many thanks 


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I have found that some MICs actually carry the date of embarkation. If that is the case then July 19, 1915 could be 19th Divisional Ammunition Column. If it is the actual date of disembarkation in France then it could be 88th Brigade RFA. As you say he could also be part of a reinforcement draft. The new number of 1007809 was issued from August 1920 and became his Army Number.


According to Royal Artillery Attestations on Findmypast he enlisted on January 23, 1913 for 3 years with the colours and 9 years with the reserves. He was wounded on July 2, 1917 and discharged from Class B Reserve on January 22, 1925. His service record may have been retained by the MOD. 

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David, Sorry not to have got back straight away, but many thanks for this information.

The MICs which show the date of embarkation are largely the 1914 and 1915 ones I believe as they provide the necessary evidence for entitlement to the 1914/15 Medal.

I suspect he was in the 88th Brigade and that gives me a great clue for searching further. Interestingly I could not find him on the SWB register but will re-check given the date information provided. The discharge date is useful and will see if the MOD still has any of his documents.

Interestingly his family think he may have served in the RHA but I have not seen any evidence of that.

Many thanks again, much appreciated,


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