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2Lt H. R. Donnelly, late AIF attd 2/11 Gurkhas

Kimberley John Lindsay

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Dear GWFs,

I have, fortuitously, secured a fair scan of a February 1919 Officer Group Photo of 1/11th Gurkha Rifles. The unit distinguished itself during Third Afghan, the CO, Lt-Col A. E. Johnson, later got the DSO. Also present in the group, were Capts F. H. Hartnoll and H. E. Templer. I hold the medals of the former, and managed to contact a member of the Templer family. He told me that one of the officers, 2Lt H. R. Donnelly, had transferred to the Gurkhas from the Australian Imperial Force.

Can a, perhaps Aussie, GWF member shed some light on Lieutenant Donnelly?

Kindest regards,


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Is this the picture? - http://www.king-emperor.com/1-11th Gurkha Rifles.html


Your man is Harold Roland Donnelly, which his service papers confirm - http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=3513973


Australian newspapers report the death of a Captain H.R. (Harold) Donnelly, Burma Rifles, in Colombo, 23/12/1924.


I think this might be him-


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The London Gazette Publication date:8 April 1919 Issue:31279 Page: 4581


The KING has approved the admission to the Indian Army of the following 2nd Lieuts. from the Unattached List: — To be 2nd Lieuts.

Harold Roland Donnelly. 14th Sept. 1918.

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Dear Ken and  IPT,

Absolutely brilliant and Well Done, both of you!

That is indeed 2Lt Donnelly (front row, far right), erstwhile AIF corporal, but meantime sporting an officer-like moustache. 

I was taken aback to learn of his untimely death, just five years later, however. 

Nonetheless, this puts more substance to the background of the GR officers group photo.

Many thanks. I will also pass on the information to the grandson of Capt Templer, also in the group...

Kindest regards,

Kim.F. H. Hartnoll impressed naming.jpg

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