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I am trying to envision the surroundings of a British Army infantryman just prior to the war, and realise that I know very little about even some of the basics.

It is 1914 in Anytown, UK. & the local barracks houses the 2nd Bn The Shires Regiment.

The battalion is at about 600 OR's strength.

How are these OR's accommodated ? (5, 10, 20....to a room ?)

How/where are their rifles & bayonets stored ? (foot of the bed; rack in middle of room; rack outside in the corridor; in a central armoury ?)

How are the rifles racked ? (butt down; barrel down; horizontally ?)

Bayonets are presumably stored in their scabbards.  Are they in the same rack (and adjacent to "their" rifle) as the rifles ?

Any insights, or references to photos etc, gratefully received.



PS. The rifle/bayonet questions apply also to Royal Marines aboard ship.



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