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Remembered Today:

New CWGC Commemorations 20.10.16

Terry Denham

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CWGC added the following casualties to the WW1 War Dead Roll today.


The following were all South African labourers with the Military Labour Bureau/Corps who died in East Africa, South Africa or en route between the two and all died of malaria - unless otherwise stated. They are all temporarily commemorated in the South African Book of Remembrance.


GROUP, Martin  4082


Died 30.06.17

NELSON, James  4085


Died 22.05.16

WELCOME, Henry  4089

Died 23.12.16  (dysentery)

DE BRUIN, John  4124


Died 01.01.17  (heart disease)

MOTSEGWA, Johannes  4196

Died 17.10.16

LEBUYA, Fox  4224

Died 23.05.16

NODJUYANA, George  4282

Died 15.07.16

BOSSENGER, Aleck  4409

Died 06.06.16

MALUSE, Abel  4412

Died 16.04.16  (dysentery)

LEPEN, Henry  4421

Died 03.12.16

SMITH, Wilson  4426

Died 31.08.16

LEKAY, Johannes  4428

Died 05.12.16

SIGHUDLA, Kleinbooi  4631

Died 28.05.17  (dysentery)


Died 07.04.17

MELTEKI, William  4645

Died 30.06.17  (blackwater fever)

WINE, Sergeant  4655

Died 19.03.16  (endocarditis)

ZENZILE, Harry  4728

Died 16.01.18  (dysentery)

BUDULU, Frank  4815


Died 17.08.16

WILLEM, Willie  4825


Died 28.06.16  (bronchitis)

MAJO, Majo  4856


Died 05.02.17  (pneumonia)

JOHNSON, Jack  4894


Died 18.08.16  (enteric fever)

MBINI, Johannes  4907


Died 14.12.16  (dysentery)

MKOAPA, Charlie  4958

Died 24.06.16  (unspecified illness)

MABIBA, Willie  4967

Died 09.05.16

MASILO, Petrus  5257

Died 12.02.17




The above were In From the Cold Project cases submitted by IFCP in co-operation with the South African War Graves Project.  

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May They Rest In Peace.

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