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The Battles of the Isonzo 1915-17

Guest Benoit Douville

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Guest Benoit Douville

I was reading an article about those Battles in Italy and Historians debate as to just how many battles comprised the Isonzo? Undeniably innumerable one battle often appeared to merge into another. The last one I believe was at Caporetto in October 1917. So How many Battles at Isonzo??? 12 Battles seems the more appropriate I think.

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I have it down as 12 as well:


Breaking down thus:

Battle Started Ended appr. Initiated by

1st 23-06-1915 07-07-1915 Italy

2nd 18-07-1915 10-08-1915 Italy

3rd 18-10-1915 14-12-1915 Italy

4th 10-11-1915 14-12-1915 Italy

5th 11-03-1916 16-03-1916 Italy

6th 04-08-1916 16-08-1916 Italy

7th 14-09-1916 17-09-1916 Italy

8th 09-10-1916 12-10-1916 Italy

9th 31-10-1916 04-11-1916 Italy

10th 12-05-1917 05-06-1917 Italy

11th 18-08-1917 01-09-1917 Italy

12th 24-10-1917 10-11-1917 Austria-Hungary / Germany



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