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Can anyone explain causes of boils?


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On 19/10/2016 at 15:24, FenClare said:

Dear All

Thank you so much -all of this is helpful. This young soldier was in training in Kent and then was shipped over to France. Only when there did he dare to admit having this boil which prevented him from sitting down. It necessitated a stay of 15 days in hospital so it must have been bad. All of the reasons you gave could have contributed - stress, poor hygiene in the camp and maybe too other factors which pulled his health down and led to this. I expect the fabric of the uniform wasn't exactly silky either!

Many thanks



He was in good company then. Lord Beresford who commanded the Naval Party at the Relief of Gordon allegedly suffered from one on the same part of his anatomy. His 'confinement' meant my Gt Uncle took over command of the naval party while only a boatswain.


I suffered occasionally from boils as a youth, we were always told to let them 'ripen' before trying to deal with them. Mum would say she just wanted to look at it and wouldn't squeeze it, she lied.

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