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Middle East RFC Personnel Records at The National Archives


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Hi all,


You may already know this but there are a wealth of records about airmen who were in the Middle East in WW1 whose surname begins with "S" at the National Archives. I don't know where the other records are (shame as I'm looking for "Forrest") but thought these references may be helpful for those who are luckier:


AIR 1/1646/204/94/41
AIR 1/1648/204/94/43parts1and2
AIR 1/1647/204/94/42parts3and4

The below reference is reported as missing - but I notified NA I'd thought I'd seen it in another box I'd had out that day, so they were going to try to relocate it:

AIR 1/1646/204/94/42


They all have personal correspondence and assessments on their flying skills etc.


Hope this is helpful!



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These are indeed most interesting files. Unfortunately it appears that only those for 'S' names have survived. The files are quite large, so perhaps it was decided at some point by the authorities just to retain these ones only as a sample offering and in the interests of storage space?



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