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G Battery RHA


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I am having some difficulty researching G Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery for the year 1916:

1. Was it part of the 4th Brigade, RHA in the 3rd Cavalry Division of the Army at that time, or was it part of the 8th Division and attached to the 8th Cavalry Brigade? There seems to be conflicting information on different webpages of The Long, Long Trail website.

2. I am trying to establish where G Brigade was during 1916. If you look closely at the full entry for the relevant war diary on the National Archives catalogue it seems that the diary for G Battery only covers 1915 (March, May and September) and 1917 (February and April), whereas the brief catalogue entry implies that it covers from 1915 to 1917. (There's not much point in my ordering the diary if it does not cover 1916.)


I would be very grateful if anyone can help with information about G Battery in 1916?



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Hello Marigold


G Battery RHA joined IV Brigade RHA, 3rd Cavalry Division on 25 November 1914 from 8th Division, and was transferred to XVII Brigade RHA, 5th Cavalry Division in March 1918. During its time with 3rd Cavalry Division it was attached to 8th Cavalry Brigade.


Source: A F Becke, Order of Battle of Divisions, Part I.



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