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Royal Fusiliers Cap badge found at Treveniel, North Hill, Cornwall


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The cap badge shown below was recently found in a garden in Treveniel in North Hill, Cornwall. I have been asked if I can help ascertain whose badge it may have been. I am advised that it is a Royal Fusiliers Cap Badge with a King's crown. It is suspected that it is of WW1 vintage.


Treveniel is a hamlet of five residences in the parish of North Hill in Cornwall. The number of occupied residences changes from time to time. From the 1911 census the residents surnames are Bennetts, Downing, Quick, Tellam and Williams but none of these families can be shown to have a man of the correct age to be in the Royal Fusiliers in WW1. We accept that the badge may have been discarded after the war and that the residents may have changed by then. From local newspapers of the time we can add surnames of Heddon, Hicks and Phillips. As yet I have not looked at the electoral roll (the register is almost 300 miles away from me) but was hoping that perhaps the matter could be also approached from another direction. Cross casting the surnames against a roll of regimental members may provide a shortlist to evaluate.


Can you help with some thoughts as to how this matter may be further pursued?


My thanks in anticipation of any help you can offer.


Ken Ripper 


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