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149th brigade RFA


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Hi Everyone

yet another researcher finding a gold mine What a brilliant site

Background - Uncle, Charles August Lever [Corporal] L/9772

died 17th July 1917 Buried in Lijssethoek

served in A Battery and C Battery 149th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

i have a field notebook with his Jouneys listed Chronologicaly

i have transcribed into msword as the entries are in soft pencil

copies available to anyone interested by email, 2off A4 sheets

thanks in particular to Rflory, Krebsy and Mancunian Nick for their stirling work

I have also a History of the 89th Brigade Infantry Liverpool Pals 1914-1918

i will look up for anyone in need

i am looking for the title and author of a book Written by a Lt attached to

150th Bd RFA a Fine artist, he ended up in WW2 working with Camoflage.

The book was in our local library untill they sold it off. Cheap no doubt.

This brigade was attached to 30th Divn as was 149th so that his activities probably parralled the 149th

can anyone help?

Keep up the good work


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I am interested as one of our school old boys, served with 149th Brigade. He was Bombardier William Rostron, of 'B ' Battery, who was killed on 10th December 1917 aged 23 and is buried in Menin Road South. Another Pal is researching 149th Brigade and sent me a copy of their War Diary a couple of years ago.

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