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2nd Btn. Worcestershire Regt. 1918


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Hi There,


Can anyone tell me what the 2nd Btn. Worcestershire Regt was doing on 29 September 1918.

I understand there was a number of offensives being carried out during Sept-Oct 1918.

Does anyone have or know of Diaries connected with that period where they might shine some light on what happened to 2nd Lt Christopher. E. Neale.


Any pointers as always appreciated.

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Hi Graeme, thanks for the link and but the information is a bit hit and miss in the Trench Diaries for this date.

It does say a chap called 2nd Lt. Neil was KIA but no other details. So correct chap just wrong spelling.

Perhaps is Service Records will through up some more information.


Thanks again Graeme, all the best, Chris. 






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