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Please Help Identify this Soldier's Belt & Buckle


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Dear Uniform Accoutrement  Experts,


The soldier on the right of the attached photograph, taken in Egypt in 1915, is James Linton born Glasgow 15th February 1892. The other soldier is we think is his Brother-in-Law who served in a different regiment, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). I'm trying to identify what regiment James Linton was in. Circumstantial evidence in the MIC's puts him in the 1st Lovat Scouts (unhorsed as infantry) number 3376, later to be rebadged as 225389 10th (Lovat Scouts) Bn Cameron Highlanders in Egypt from September 1916.


I'm hoping that the unusual webbed belt with two small leather pouches and a very distinctive belt buckle, neither of which I've seen used before, might be a clue? Is this belt/buckle typical of use in a TF Yeomanry regiment?


Thanks in advance to any responders,

Cheers Lyndale (Melbourne Australia).Linton - James Linton (right) Egypt 1915.jpg

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Dear MBrockway, many thanks for sending me the link. I was gratified to learn that the belt was Yeomanry/cavalry kit, notwithstanding Lovat Scouts were serving as infantry at the time the photo was taken, the regiment would be keeping its own traditions and apparel. I believe this helps to confirm that Glasgow born ancestor James Linton is the same man in the MIC; L/Cpl 3376 Lovat Scouts with no middle name and with the 1914/15 Star. Cheers Lyndale.  

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