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5th Batalian, Cameron Highlanders

Guest Mike L

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Does anyone know of any books published on the 5th battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders and their history during the war. I've seen other batallian unit history and was wondering if there was one written on this unit. I had an ancestor in this unit and would like to learn more about him and his unit. Also what is the best place to obtain a copy of his military records. I know he was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915 but would like to get copies of his enlistment papers and records etc. Maybe more on how he died if it is reported in the records. Thanks.

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Could you post your relatives Regimental number and his name?  Rob.


Edit. Just found your relatives name on another post. Pte McCurry S/10426.  Mike. The war diaries for the 5th Cameron and the 9th Scottish Div for the Battle of loos are available from the National Archive on line. (For a fee )


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You might want to have a read of the long account of the LOOS battle in the Long Long Trail, at top left of this page. If you click on Battles once your into the LLT and then on Western Front, you can scroll down to Loos and the opening day when 9 Scottish Div were set to attack the heavily defended Hohenzollern Redoubt.

Soldiers Died in the Great War lists around 250 men from the 5th CH killed in the attack, plus 20 or so more in the following days from wounds received on 25th Sept 1915,having been caught in crossfire.

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