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James and George Robertson


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Good Evening,


Recently I visited the grave of a Soldier Thomas Robertson in Hazebrouk in France. He was originally from my town in Scotland before he emigrated to Canada in 1912. At his grave I learned through the text on his grave stone that Thomas was one of three brothers killed. Since returning I have researched and found that his brothers were named James and George. I am looking for any further information on both George and James


Through a local newspaper from the time I have found the following on George however even with his regiment I cannot seem to find his name on CWGC possibly due to the fact he was missing for so long? The article reads 30/6/17


UDDINGSTON AND THE WAR: Information was received from the records office, Perth that Pte. George Robertson, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, third son of Mr and Mrs James Robertson, Crofthill Avenue, Uddingston, and was previously reported missing is now officially reported killed in action on 15th September 1915. Deceased was in his 21st year. Joining the colours early in 1915, he went to France on3rd of August last: and previous to enlisting he was employed as a bank clerk in the British Linen Ban, Motherwell. His eldest brother Pte Thomas Robertson, Canadians was killed in action on 25th April 1915


Before moving to Crofthill avenue the family address was Mayfield, Bellshill road uddingston. The family seem to have moved house during the war. At present I have absolutely no information on James other than he was killed.


Any information on where they were killed, regiment of James would be really appreciated

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I think George Robertson is S/10241 11th Bn A&S Highlanders KiA on 15th Sept 1916. He was from Uddingston.





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There are these men;


First name(s)GEORGE


Service numberS/10241


RegimentPrincess Louise's (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)

Battalion11th Battalion.



Enlistment placeGLASGOW, LANARKS

Death year1916

Death day15

Death month9

Cause of deathKilled in action


http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/1551959/ROBERTSON, GEORGE



First name(s) JAMES


Service number S/40810


Regiment Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Battalion 7th Battalion.

Birth place-



Death year 1918

Death day 28

Death month 3

Cause of death Killed in action

Death place France & Flanders

Theatre of war Western European Theatre

Supplementary Notes FORMERLY 3573, LOVAT SCOUTS.


http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/1637333/ROBERTSON, JAMES



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George's war gratuity shows he had 12 months or less service at the time of his death. Unless he was unusual and had a break in his qualifying service then he couldn't have joined up before Sep 1915 by the gratuity.


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I also note from the Gratuity Records that both the identified George and James above had a Father named James as per the information you already have.

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Excellent. Seems you guys have answered the questions that I was needing answered. Where did you get the source to do with his Gratuity Records and Red cross?

I am on finding my past, forces war records, newspaper archive however never seen any of these records before.

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The Red Cross PoW index cards/registers are free from the ICRC - search page is here, The war gratuity information is from the Soldiers' Effects records which Ancestry have (by subscription/free trial, and sometimes free weekends) - search page is here.


An example of a Soldiers' Effects record entry is:



In the absence of a surviving service record, it may contain several pieces of useful information. Not least by looking at the war gratuity payment (the figure in red), you can work out an approximate enlistment date, as the size of the payment was largely a reflection of the length of eligible war service, and rank. Craig, poster #6 has done a lot of work on how the scheme worked - see his signature for his website, which includes a helpful calculator.




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  • 1 year later...

Sorry to bring this back up but was wondering if anyone could add anything further. Since the post I have been doing some searching and found the grave of the boys parents and sister. The sister died of illness during the War years meaning the family lost all four children. 


On further research I came across the website  http://somme-roll-of-honour.com/Alphabet/robertson.htm    and it states that George was killed at the attack on Martinpuich. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this battle?


I know it is very unlikely but the death of the first brother Thomas was well reported in the press however the deaths of George and James does not seem to have been reported. Am I missing something or was it just not reported?


i have attached a picture of the grave of the parents and sister. It is close to the family home in Bothwell Park Cemetery 





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