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WW1 Home Hospitals within 20ml of Colchester, Essex

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Hi ... I have created a website for my research into First World War Home Hospitals which existed within a radius of 20 miles of Colchester.  It carries my research from 2013/14 and is ongoing because more has been discovered since I began - I am slowly adding 37 hospitals, alphabetically.  I will add a “Thanks; source …” chapter soon but am acknowledging as I go along, in the meantime:  https://greatwarhomehospitals.wordpress.com/  

I have created a second site - about a Colchester Military Hospital 1918 staff photograph I have (355 people)  - it is about as complete as I can get it at the moment but I am hoping for identification of more of the personnel in the future: https://militaryhospitalcolchester1918.wordpress.com/ 

I have had help from Forum members to achieve this, especially the site about the photo.  I have acknowledged Forum members’ help in general (although I have named Sue Light because she helped me the most) but if any other member knows they have contributed and wishes their name to be individually credited, please get in touch.  

If anyone knows anything that might be useful to add, which would enhance the sites, I should love to hear from you – that includes corrections! 

Many thanks, Heather

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