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Huddersfield War Memorial

Rob HAmilton

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I believe it was the intention to inscribe the names on the Huddersfield Memorial but for some reason it never happened.

The reason I know this is that a local WW1 enthusiast became interested in researching the Huddersfield casualties and with the co-operation of Kirklees Council managed to find the original forms provided by the next of kin which were presumably submitted after a public appeal.

The researcher then wrote the draft of a book listing the casualties together with details of them which she hoped would be published with the assistance of the council. Unfortunately no funds were available and the last time I spoke to her, which is some time ago, she had still had no success.

She did tell me that there was a surplus of money left from the fund provided by public subscription after the erection of the memorial and that she had approached the trustees of that fund, which was still in existence believe it or not, but that they had declined to assist her.



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Thanks very much Rob

I have heard about this lady and the book she was trying to publish, I belive that a new appeal for public/council funding should be relaunched perhaps the WFA might contribute along with the RBL.


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The lady in question has the names and brief life profiles of around 3,500 men from Huddersfield and District who died in this war. Kirkless Council's Cultural Services Department is consistently claiming to be to poor to publish it.


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