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2nd Lt. Royal Warwickshire Regiment

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Can anyone tell me if the Royal Warwickshire Regiment can be pinpointed in the area of Juliet Farm (about 800 yd SW of St. Julien at 28.C.17.a.35.10 - see map below) in these specific years? The reason I ask is just in case the only time was 1914 or 1917, the only times there is only one (1) UNKNOWN Second Lieutenant of the Regiment missing.



If it was 1915 or 1916, or on multiple dates, then this is a "no go". Chris's site tells me the 2nd Battalion joined the 22nd Brigade, 7th Division and landed at Zeebrugge 6 October 1914. Lt. Hill was lost 14 days later. My Canadian records show that area was in the Canadian battle zone in April 1915 and that the British 28th Division to the south of the dividing line between Ypres and Gravenstafel, so that would suggest (but not confirm) the Warwickshire Regiment was not at that location in 1915.


There is another Warwick at that location as well, along with a Seaforth Highlander:







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On the 18th October 1914 the 2nd Battalion was attached to the 7th Division which was advancing in the direction of Menin so you can exclude Second Lieutenant Hill from the list. Second Lieutenant Cooper's M.I.C records that he was in fact

serving with the 10th Battalion with the battalion war diary recording that he was killed in action in the Oosttaverne area south 

of Ypres on the 8th June 1917. I have not looked into any of the other possibilities but as the British front line ran through this area from late April 1915 it is highly probable that this officer is one of the four killed in 1915.

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Are these broadly the same map co-ordinates for the Royal Warks remains recovered reported on this thread



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Thanks to "micks" and "MelPack" for their assistance.


I will move this one to ABANDON on my Blog List as it would not be possible to differentiate the four (4) lost in April 1915.


It is always "worth a shot" as if it had been 1914 or 1917 we would have had our UNKNOWN 2nd Lieutenant.

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