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James A Pratt III

naval-history.net BVLAS errata

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James A Pratt III

On naval-history.net they have recently finished updating the merchant vessel losses and damaged up to 1917. They don't have any of which aircraft attacked or sank ships. Here is a listing and what I have found Can anyone add any more?



15 March Blonde

21 March Effland and Lestria FF29s no. 209 and 407 of SEEI attacked a merchant ship it could be they attacked different ships.

22 March Osloli

23 March Teal FF29 No 407 SEEI

27  Mar Oasel

11 April Servla "2 seaplanes"

12 April Imber

6 July Groningen

6 September Fulmar

30 October Avocht 3 aircraft SEEI

4 November Dottral damaged MG fire

12 December Southgate Damaged

other not in BVLAS

26 Feb Cordoba 2 FF29 SFAI

20 Mar "a coaster" and raid on England 3 FF29 and oertz FB 3 No 46

30 Apr US Cushing light damage



22 jan Gemma

23 jan Callo

20 Feb Glenfoyle 2 FF33cs and 1 HB NW SFA I

19 may Seattle damaged and Ernst light damage MG fire Dunkirk

20 may Lord Strathcona light damage Dunkirk

21 May Valenta light damage and Ernst light damage (again) Dunkirk

29 july Frosingham

3 Aug Galaway Castle could have been missed by the Airship L31 that got lost and dropped its bombs in the sea.


other not in BVLAS:

24 Apr 6 aircraft attack ships

The seaplane unit at Zeebrugge is called SEEI by the Hornets of Zebrugge and SFAI by the Air Defense of Britain


to be continued

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James A Pratt III


14 Feb Millicent Knight Rumpler 6B1 no 890 and Sablatnig SF5 no.968

31 Mar Amulet and Quentin

29 Apr Highgate

20 may Birchgrove "seaplane"

11 jul Grosvenor Dunkirk BG1

31 Jul Hannah Light damage Dunkirk

24 Aug Penelope sunk Baltic Gleitboot 1 (a small motor torpedo boat)

1 sep Orange Moor damaged Dunkirk

25 Sep Polescar damaged Dunkirk

25/26 Sep Stockweal damaged London BG3

5 Dec Dolphin light damage Calais


Torpedostaffel II

19 Apr armed drift Carolbank, SS Nyanza, and monitor Marshall Ney missed (not in BVLAS)

1 may Gena sunk H-B GWno701, note H-B GW no703 FTL in sea both crew POW

14 Jun Kankatee sunk Gotha WD No991 and Canto missed

9 Jul jarrix, Haslingpen, Battersea, Hartley missed vs one aircraft FTL and another which landed to pick up survivors and couldn't take off all 4 crew POW

19 Sep Storm sunk Gotha WD No1213



16 feb merchant ship missed SF5 SFAI

16 mar 1 aircraft SFAI

5/6 Apr 2 aircraft SFAI



27 feb Kirham Abbey missed and Lady Carmichael light damage off the Netherlands

5 mar Kossier Mediterranian

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